Power Steel Manufacturing... Brantford's leading commercial plasma and flame cutter of steel plate and Ontario's only manufacturer of plastic rotational molds!

Unique in the industry, we accept orders from a single piece up to tens of thousands of individual parts.  We work from your .DXF or .DWG files for optimal speed and accuracy, but can also recreate provided sample parts or even cardboard templates or sketches on the back of a napkin.

We stock most common thicknesses up to 3" thick in both 44w and 50w plate, along with select thicknesses of QT100 and QT400 abrasion resistant, and can readily source several other grades, and plate up to 7" thick when required.

Power Steel has one of the largest flame cutting tables in the area, with a capacity of up to 120"x480" for thicknesses between 1-1/2" and 4"!  Our plasma cutting table is equally impressive with a capacity up to 96"x360" for plate up to 1-1/2" thick.

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phone: 519-753-2555
fax: 519-753-0015